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Advice for risk-averse online business newbies with Spencer Haws

Spencer is the founder of NichePursuits, where he chronicles his journey building niche online businesses. Over the years, he’s tried out all kinds of different online business ideas like: creating niche websites, buying and selling websites, running a software company, selling physical products through Amazon FBA, and more.

He also loves the outdoors, and sports, and has been married since 2002 with four kids.

Covered In This Episode

  • Spencer’s background.
  • Building over 100 niche websites.
  • Spencer’s life as a website guinea pig.
  • Spencer’s advice to risk-averse people who want to buy their first web asset.
  • Overview of online business models and which is best for newbies.
  • Bolt-on acquisitions.
  • Spencer talks about recent acquisitions he has made.
  • What Spencer looks for during due diligence prior to the acquisition of a website.
  • How easy would it be for a competing website to usurp your rankings?
  • This is not a passive business. Be proactive.
  • Why Spencer loves online business.
  • Spencer’s worst entrepreneurial moment.
  • Parting advice for people who haven’t acquired a website.
  • Parting advice for people who have acquired a website.

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