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Our Mission

Kingmakers is an elite accelerator and investment fund for business buyers. We help entrepreneurs identify and acquire a great business and provide them with the tools they need to succeed post-acquisition.

Our Non-Negotiable Values

Doing the Right Thing

Integrity is the foundation of all success. Therefore we will not base our decisions on what seems expedient, profitable, or convenient. Our decisions will be based on what is ethical, moral, just, fair and right — regardless of the immediate personal or corporate cost.

Defining Wealth by Who We Are

We believe that wealth is not defined by what we have but by who we are. While we intend to build substantial wealth for ourselves and our partners, we ultimately pursue an out of the ordinary wealth of life which includes character more than accomplishment, quality more than quantity, attitude more than activity, balance more than busyness, effectiveness more than efficiency, financial freedom more than fat wallets and physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health more than just financial wealth.

Defaulting to Transparency

From the business we build to the way we interact with our partners, team members and other business associates, we default to and optimize for transparency. We believe that transparency breeds trust, and trust is the ultimate foundation to build upon.

Developing People

Our goal is to improve the quality of every life and every business we work with. Every person we do business with will be better off in some way because of their interaction with us.

Creating Win-Win Relationships

We believe that business and personal success is built through relationships and that all quality relationships are mutually beneficial. Our philosophy is “win-win” or “no deal.” We believe in relationship before project, and mutual success before individual gain.

Continually Pursuing Excellence

We are committed to the aggressive pursuit of excellence in everything we do. The standard of excellence will be higher tomorrow than it is today because of how we operate. We believe doing fewer things excellently, is better than doing more things poorly.

Courageous Leadership

Our chosen role is a role of leadership — influencing and inspiring others to change, and grow to be and do all that they desire. Courage means we are entrepreneurial and thus take risks, reaching beyond current boundaries, experimenting with new approaches, challenging the status quo and leading our industry and others to new horizons.

Building Beyond Business

We believe that our business exists for purposes beyond financial or business interests. All our decisions and actions are based on motives and goals which will ultimately make a significant difference in lives and in society. What we do today must always be measured against the ultimate legacy we want to leave behind.