Risk Mitigation & Growth For Online Businesses With Hayden Miyamoto


In addition to being the co-founder of Kingmakers, Hayden Miyamoto is the founder of No Hat Digital and co-founder of Wired Investors. He has built and scaled several six and seven-figure businesses and has deep experience developing systems to scale websites.

Covered In This Episode

  • Hayden’s life in Mexico and his family.
  • The growth of Kingmakers over the last few months.
  • Platform risk.
  • Understanding key man/personality risk.
  • Understanding monetization risk.
  • Understanding Google risk.
  • Getting SERP usurped.
  • A word about Google answer boxes.
  • Risk mitigation through growth departments.
  • Risk mitigation through using Google rankings to dominate other traffic sources.
  • Risk mitigation through diversifying across multiple assets.
  • Risk mitigation through the deal structure.
  • Parting advice for people looking to buy a website.

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