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How to Grow Your Content Site Using Fulfillment By Amazon With Rob Schad

At Kingmakers, we’re always adding to our bag of tricks when it comes to growing websites. Tune in to this episode as Rob Schad shares how you can significantly grow your content website with Fulfillment by Amazon. 

Rob is an Amazon FBA expert, entrepreneur, digital nomad, and a college opt-out. He now works with Kingmakers as one of our growth partners, meaning that if you buy a website with us, he’ll be taking a serious look to see if FBA can be utilized as a growth tactic. 

Covered In This Episode

  • Adam’s background and “ah-ha” moment.
  • How Rob started his Amazon journey
  • Understanding how a product works on Amazon 
  • What is FBA, how it works, and why many sellers are into it 
  • Why launching a private labeled product is a good strategy for a content website
  • How to keep your rankings up
  • What you can do and can’t do with FBA 
  • Finding your initial product and adding products
  • Rob’s thoughts on the saturation of sellers in relation to what we do at Kingmakers
  • The only thing that’s going to knock you down when you’re at the top of the traffic list
  • The reason why Rob loves the FBA program


Where to Reach Rob

If you’re interested in learning more about him and the work that he does, you can connect with him at:

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