As of 2020, Kingmakers is doing business as Acquira, for the most recent info head over to


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Leverage our team and experience to achieve your goals

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M&A of Assets

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Every business, whether a startup or 20 years into operation, needs at least one valuable asset: the perfect story.
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We have developed proprietary dealflow software to help identify ideal acquisition targets.
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We use thorough processes and systems to evaluate risk for legal, monetization, Google and location.
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We can grow digital assets with our tried and true strategies such as content publishing, search engine optimization, monetization and conversion rate optimization.
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Capital Raise

We have raised money in just about every form possible purchasing over 20 assets since 2016. Spending months in each sector, we can help find the perfect fit for your business.[/one_half_last] [page_section image=’’ textstyle=’light’ position=’default’ padding_bottom=’on’ padding_top=’on’] [blank_space height=’5em’]

We have advised several prominent ICOs in the following areas:

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With the future of cryptocurrency still up in the air, it is as important as ever to have the right story for ICOs. We are seeing most projects that get funded in the current market are platforms or blockchains themselves.
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Capital Raise

Take advantage of our network of investors that we have built from working on prior ICOs.
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Token Mechanics

What happens to your product if the token price drops 90% in just a couple days? Does it crash your system. Our team builds models to show you exactly what your ecosystem could look like.
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Having a product that customers will want to use is another important component of launching a successful ICO.

You need to build your product with the end user in mind, not the token price.
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We can get your perfect narrative in front of the right audience.

This helps ensure a strong community early on, one of the most important pieces of ICOs in today’s market.
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Past Advisory Projects

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We consult on Security Token Offerings, contact us to see why we are Polymath’s key partner.

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We consult on reverse takeovers on the TSXV. If you are thinking about taking your company public, contact us to see why this might be a good option.

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