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Search Funds

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Search Fund Services

We partner with Searchers to accelerate the discovery of their ideal business

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Searchers, do you feel like you are spending too much time and money trying to find a great business to buy?

According to a Stanford Business study, Searchers spend up to 2 years looking for a company to acquire, operate, and grow. Once they finally find the right company, the median multiple Searchers are acquiring at is 6.3x.

When your primary goal is to lead a strong and proven business, waiting years and paying dearly for the right opportunity can be frustrating.

When we saw this challenge, we knew there was an opportunity for us get involved.

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Here’s How Kingmakers Can Help

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Since 2015, the team at Kingmakers has successfully sourced, onboarded and trained managers for 15+ businesses. We have a history of helping our partners find and acquire companies at 3-5x multiples in 4 months or less through our proprietary deal flow and diligence systems.

We search throughout the country for passive sellers who are not actively engaged in the M&A marketplace, opening doors to unique and valuable opportunities within your focus area. Next, we provide robust systems for pre-LOI diligence that allows you to confidently execute LOIs on targets that pass diligence standards, and more importantly help you quickly determine if a business is not a good fit.

With Kingmakers dealflow and diligence services, you benefit from these advantages:

  1. Proprietary deal flow.
  2. Custom built software to identify, source, screen, and contact prospects.
  3. Tried and true diligence systems.
  4. Greater leverage for your team.
  5. Cost savings from lower fees and purchases at lower multiples.
  6. A significantly accelerated timeline to close your deal and run your business.
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Ready To Find Your Business?

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