As of 2020, Kingmakers is doing business as Acquira, for the most recent info head over to

Our Business Model

Kingmakers is both an investment fund and an accelerator FOR BUSINESS BUYERS

Our primary model is to deploy our own capital into our partner’s businesses.

In addition, we provide our partners with various services including:

  • Off-market deal sourcing
  • Assistance with finding other capital sources (lenders, other equity partners, etc as needed)
  • Training on financial and operating diligence
  • Resourcing, staffing, and guidance to de-risk and growth the business post-acquisition.

Business Model Breakdown

Refundable Deposit

  • Covers costs related to the deal closing process, including financial and operational analysis fees, growth diligence, external legal fees and assistance with lenders. 
  • Refunded within 30 days if either side feels working together is not a fit
  • Fully refunded at the close of a deal together

Deal Closing Fee

  • Depends on the size of the deal and whether the business is sourced directly by the Kingmakers team or via external brokers


  • Kingmakers gets an opportunity to co-invest a minority stake (< 20%) into our partner’s businesses
  • This investment is made at the same terms as our partners and receives the same rights to distributions & exit proceeds