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Want to buy an online business?

Let's work together

Kingmakers is an elite investment fund and accelerator for small business buyers

Here's how we work with our partners:

Finding the right acquisition

Negotiating and structuring the right deal

Access to an exclusive community of business buyers

De-risking the deal & adding new growth channels

Providing investment capital

About Us

The Kingmakers team has evaluated thousands of businesses and acquired over a dozen companies in the past 3 years.

Our core team comes from Wired Investors, a small cap private equity firm focused on the online/digital space.

We have backgrounds in entrepreneurship, investment banking, private equity, and business operations. We’re all here to help ensure our partners identify, acquire and grow the perfect business for them.



Partnership Criteria

We partner with a number of individuals each year that want to work together to acquire a $1mm – $5mm+ business that has been sourced and vetted by our team.

We aim to acquire a minority (< 20%) stake in our partner businesses and help with analysis/vetting, closing, growth, and other key business initiatives.

We behave as true minority investors and let our partners make the key decisions (such as if/when to exit).

Our previous partners have included serial entrepreneurs, corporate executives running divisions of large companies, and former VC investors and bankers.

We have 3 simple criteria for selecting partners:

1. Individuals that want to devote their time to acquiring and overseeing the growth and operations of a business.

2. Individuals that have a unique skill-set they bring to the table – that we feel we can learn from.

3. Individuals that we feel our community would enjoy spending time with.