As of 2020, Kingmakers is doing business as Acquira, for the most recent info head over to

A Digital Asset Advisory and Investment Firm


Trust your project to a veteran team. From ideation to execution, we are ready to deliver.

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Our team’s unique background allows us to creatively leverage M&A to accelerate growth.


We understand the value of online communities and have expertise in growing, sustaining, and monetizing them.

Jeremy Hood

Investor and crypto enthusiast at night.  As a long-term entrepreneur  I strive to create and implement systems to create efficiency.

Hayden Miyamoto

I’m a serial entrepreneur, investor and crypto enthusiast.  I have a passion for innovation and get a kick out of finding creative ways to create win/win solution.

 Stephen Olmon
Stephen Olmon

Investor and consultant with a passion for emerging technologies

 Deven Soni
Deven Soni

Investor focused on acquiring and operating profitable small cap companies (primarily in the online space). Also active investor and observer in the crypto space.