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We provide assistance for the entire process of purchasing a digital business

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We have proprietary dealflow software to help identify ideal off-market acquisition targets.

Our team uses a mix of automation and human touch to find targets with high traffic and high-profit potential.

We have used this process to efficiently evaluate over 1,500 businesses.
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Due diligence is what drives risk mitigation.

We developed a 2-stage diligence system that initially screens deals at scale to eliminate unfit opportunities, followed by a deeper evaluation of high potential targets.

We use thorough processes and systems to evaluate:

  • Financial Risk (ensuring companies report their revenue and expenses accurately)
  • Legal Risk (We don’t replace lawyers in a transaction, but do help identify problem contracts, copyright violations, etc)
  • Customer & Vendor Risk (Evaluating relationships and agreements with key vendors to identify red flags)
  • Geographic Risk
  • Platform Risk (Businesses dependent on 1 traffic or platform source such as Google or Facebook)
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Deal Structuring

Choosing the best structure for your acquisition is critical to the deal’s success for both parties.

We have the frameworks, templates and experience to help you structure the perfect deal no matter if you are buying a business outright, acquiring assets or merging the business into your existing portfolio.

Our team can help you model the optimal structure for your business acquisition (whether you plan on using your own capital, seller financing, external debt, or external equity.
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We help provide our portfolio companies and clients with the training and confidence to successfully take over a business, systematize the operations and enact a growth plan that will increase the value of your equity. Our training includes components around:

  • Hiring and incentivizing a team of operators and staff
  • Identifying the low hanging fruit around driving more users to your business using content marketing, social media, and paid marketing
  • Identifying and implementing the analytics, metrics, and financial reporting needed to better understand your business
  • Using optimization tools and techniques to increase the conversion rate of visitors to customers
  • Positioning your company to sell (if you choose to)