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Dealflow Retainer

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Dealflow Tailored to Your Needs

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We help first time buyers, existing business owners, and private equity groups obtain platform or add-on acquisitions through our proprietary deal flow and diligence systems.

Kingmakers sources quality acquisition targets in the lower and middle markets. We search throughout the country for passive sellers who are not actively engaged in the M&A marketplace, opening doors to unique and valuable opportunities within your focus area.

Next, we provide robust systems for pre-LOI diligence that allows buyers to confidently execute LOIs on targets that pass diligence standards.

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From sourcing advantageous targets, to initial diligence and LOIs, Kingmakers takes care of all your dealflow needs, freeing up your internal resources to focus on closing your transactions and managing your existing portfolio.

With Kingmakers dealflow services, you benefit from these advantages:

  1. Proprietary deal flow
  2. Vetted and qualified sellers
  3. Tried and true pre-LOI due diligence systems
  4. Greater leverage for your team
  5. Increased capacity to close transactions and run your business
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Your investment: $5,000/mo for 4 months.

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